Mayfield Alumnae Continue to Compete in College



Several Mayfield athletes, after shedding their Prep League uniforms, move onto the NCAA to further their athletic careers.

From soccer to swimming to fencing, various Mayfield alumnae have continued their sports careers into college and have even become coaches.

Charlotte Anderson ’12  currently plays soccer in the Division I league at Notre Dame while studying chemical and bimolecular engineering.

“Playing soccer has been the single most challenging and yet most rewarding thing I have ever done, Division I sports has not been easy, but Mayfield truly prepared me,” said Anderson.

Norte Dame requires a three-week preseason with extensive fitness testing and two to three practices a day for each prospective athlete.

“The entire collegiate sports experience has been high school sports on a more difficult level, but I was ready for the challenge,” said Anderson.

While college sports is rigorous, student athletes take comfort in the bonds formed with teammates.

“Just like with the Cubs during the soccer season, I love my team and the camaraderie at Norte Dame. I spent my spring break with six of my teammates in Alabama and it was a blast,” said Anderson.

Josie Luck ’13 currently plays volleyball for New York University, following her four years on Mayfield’s JV and Varsity volleyball teams.

“The college sports experience has not been much of a transition, but I love it. It’s a great way for me to continue to do what I love, play volleyball, learn at an amazing university, and maintain a social life.”

Being a part of a sports team has helped many Mayfield alumnae become comfortable in their new surroundings, helping them make friends and find a niche at large schools. 

“Team bonding is the same on all sports team. The girls on my team are great and the athletic community has been a way for me to meet my best friends at NYU,” said Luck. 

Current Mayfield students also plan to play sports in college. Senior Natalie Johnson will play volleyball at Notre Dame and senior Mary Baggott will play basketball at Catholic University in Washington D.C.

Photograph: The Notre Dame soccer team. Charlotte Anderson ’12 is third from the left in the back row.