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Cubs on the Road



Mayfield athletes travel to sporting events near and far. In the past, teams have journeyed to Redondo Beach, Riverside, and even as far as San Francisco to compete at other high schools and colleges.

The Cross Country team especially travels frequently for meets. In between meets and practices, players sandwiched together in the Mayfield vans, use the travel time to bond with each other.

“When we travel, we sleep or study and hangout together. We also talk with each other, but we usually get excited once we get to the meet,” said Claire Stanley ’16.

On the road, the Cross Country team listens to music to boost morale and prepare for the long day of running ahead.

“On our way back, everyone goes crazy if we win and it sets the mood for the ride back to Mayfield,” said Alyssa Rivas ’14.

The Mayfield volleyball team also travels for games and tournaments throughout the season. The team utilizes their driving time to get in the zone.

“On the way there, we all put our shoes on and get ready. Everyone listens to their own music and talks about what we are going to do during the game,” Madison Forrest ’16.

The mental preparation that occurs during the travel time can be as valuable as physical practice, as it is important for players to review strategies and also to be psychologically pumped for upcoming games. Additionally, travel helps teammates foster tighter bonds.

“We eat a lot on the bus rides. When we come back, our energy depends on the results of the game. We will  jam out to music or if it was a tough match, we will just rest and relax,” said Forrest.

Finally, many players use travel time to complete homework and study. Between practice and games, traveling is one of the few times student athletes have to finish their work.

Bumps on the road might account for a few instances of botched handwriting.

Photograph: Mayfield’s Cross Country team dons medals they won at a meet on the road.