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Australian Native Hired as New Registrar



This year Mayfield hired a new registrar, Louise Leddie, an Australian native who moved to California about nine years ago. Leddie manages attendance, helps with class scheduling, and aids Assistant Head of School Lisa Brunolli.

Leddie began her job over the summer, but she only began to feel like a part of the Mayfield community once school started.

“When I was doing the scheduling, the girls were just names on a piece of paper, but now that I can put faces to the names, it has made the day so different. The whole building has now come to life,” she said.

Leddie previously worked at Warner Brothers and for the La Cañada Unified School District. Her three children attended La Cañada High School before going onto college.

In her spare time, Leddie enjoys skiing, weaving, knitting, and going to the beach. Previously trained as an art teacher, Leddie continues to take art classes at community colleges. She also weaves wool out of Alpaca fur from her mother’s Alpaca farm in Australia.

Leddie also spends time walking her dog, Milo, a rescue from Arkansas. Milo’s name came from an Australian brand of chocolate milk, which Leddie enjoys drinking in addition to eating vegemite, a popular Australian spread, with toast. Still, Leddie relishes living in Southern California.

“I love the fact that here, you can go swimming and skiing in one day, skiing in the morning and that afternoon, you can go to the beach,” said Leddie.

Leddie has gotten to know students by aiding them with matters relating to academics and attendance as well as by sharing personal stories.

“Mrs. Leddie is very friendly. She is always willing to talk. She is really on top of things and informative, while being nice. I feel like she has been a part of the Mayfield community for awhile, even though this is her first year at Mayfield,” said Madeleine Coppersmith ‘16.

Freshman Harper LaCroix echoed Coppersmith’s opinion.

“Mrs. Leddie helped me when I received a tardy. I love hearing her accent. She is very welcoming, especially to the freshmen and we are able to ask her questions. Mrs. Leddie is very nice and likes to help us when we need it,” said LaCroix.

Debra Abbott, who previously served as Mayfield’s registrar, now works as an assistant to College Counseling.

Mrs. Leddie

New Registrar Louise Leddie assists Aimee McAnulty ’15.

Photographs by Camila Toscano ’17