The C.C.C.



One of the newest clubs on campus is the Computer Coding Club, also referred to as the C.C.C.

The club was started this year by two sophomores, Katherine Tighe and Kristen Mascarenhas.  They came up with the idea for the club over the summer when they came across a YouTube video about computer programming.

“Mayfield alumnae have been asking for years for a club on computer coding to take place at Mayfield, and this year we are excited to have Katherine and Kristen start the club,” said club advisor and math teacher Melissa Tighe, who is Katherine’s mother.

After watching the YouTube video, the students were surprised to find how useful it is to know basic computer coding skills.

The C.C.C. is currently using Scratch, a computer program created by students at the Michigan Institute of Technology that teaches people computer coding skills.

Tighe and Mascarenhas also plan to host a speaker who can explain coding in more depth to club members and other students interested in the computer science field.

Thus far, the two sophomores have connected with Madeleine Waller ’13 to discuss the benefits of learning computer coding skills.  Waller, who is currently a freshman at MIT, told Tighe and Mascarenhas how helpful it is to know coding and how most students come to MIT with a basic knowledge of it.

“It’s really interesting to learn about everything that contributes to the functioning of computer games, websites, and iPhone apps that we use daily, and it makes me appreciate all of the hard work and creativity that goes into the development of various programs,” said senior Natalie Johnson, a member of the C.C.C.

The club is always accepting new members, as it is never too late to introduce students to a skill that will be helpful not only in college, but in many 21st century jobs.

Photograph: Sophomores Katherine Tighe (fourth from left) and Kristen Mascarenhas (fourth from right) started the C.C.C.