Sports Scares: It’s in the Job Description

Keara Keetly, Sports Editor


Golf is already a sport filled with surprises and ups and downs, but things really got interesting for Varsity member Daniela Bachman ‘20 when she went down…literally into a gopher hole! On the Eighth hole at Rolling Hills Country Club, Daniela was searching for her ball in a sea of grass at least 1 ½ feet deep when she yelped and curiously glared at whatever had captured her foot. She immediately regained her focus saying “It was just a log” with a smile but informed her teammates at the end of the match that it was a gopher! She “heard a growl” during the mysterious encounter but gripped her club like always and kept moving. The gopher better watch out next time or it might be mistaken for the golf ball!


Cross Country

Cameron Gomez scraping her leg

If you’ve been up-to-date with ANY of the word on the street at Mayfield, you’ve heard about Varsity runner Cameron Gomez’s leg scrape. So here’s the full scoop! It was the beginning of a race, and Cameron was trailing right behind teammates. Out of the blue, she was cut off by two girls, who lost balance and tripped! Gomez found herself in a four-runner pile up but got up like a champ to continue running to join her team and finish the race. “I guess there’s a certain way you’re supposed to fall. And I didn’t fall that way and I got really scared and I thought ‘I hope I didn’t break anything!’ I told myself to at least finish the race and then we’ll deal with it,” said Gomez. She didn’t even notice she was hurt until after the race when she looked at hands and her leg, which were bleeding. Talk about being a tough cookie!